By Video 3.0 / Yahoo Finance at 08-Mar-2019
As all these new services come out, and every content company appears determined to have its own standalone subscription, you might wonder when American consumers will reach 'peak streaming,' the point where they feel they can't pay for any more...

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By Video 3.0 / Mediapost at 04-Mar-2019
Bon Appetit's streaming channel is now liveas Conde Nast Entertainment, the media giant's video production and distribution studio, beefs up its programming lineup going into the NewFronts at the end of next month....

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By Video 3.0 / The Motley Fool at 02-Mar-2019
There are a growing number of streaming services and many people believe that internet television will eventually replace much of linear TV, as the world is rapidly adopting streaming video in all its forms....

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By Video 3.0 / Thrive Global at 28-Feb-2019
Not only is this entirely free, but you get an opportunity to enjoy the videos from the comfort of your home or office, as well. This is among the top reasons why users often search for legal and reliable websites to do this....

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By Video 3.0 / The Hollywood Reporter at 25-Feb-2019
As Chris Albrecht exits, Jeff Hirsch signaled the Hollywood studio will help, rather than compete with, the premium cable channel as it grows in an increasingly crowded streaming arena....

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By Video 3.0 / The Streamable at 19-Feb-2019
Non-profit local streaming service, Locast, which offers live streaming of local channels in nine markets, announced today that they have added the ability to stream on Amazon Fire TV devices....

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By Video 3.0 / Mediapost at 19-Feb-2019
Over the last three months, total video streaming services have spent $166.2 million on national TV advertising 49,020 airings of commercials, according to

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By Video 3.0 / CNET at 15-Feb-2019
It seems like today everyone is trying to hop on the video-streaming-service bandwagon....

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By Video 3.0 / ad exchanger at 15-Feb-2019
Like many ad tech companies, Ooyala was once flying high. Founded in 2007 by ex-Google executives, Ooyala raised a total of $123 million before being acquired by Australian telco Telstra in 2014. Telstra bought the company in two installments for...

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