Sinclair OTT Ads Connected Advertising
By Video 3.0 / The Drum at 12-Jul-2019
After striking out on acquiring Tribune Media, Sinclair has turned its attention to local sports and over-the-top (OTT) television as it suffers the same linear decline plaguing the TV industry....

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Contact for your OTT and Connected TV a...

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ATSC 3.0 OTT and Connected TV advertising
By Video 3.0 / Cord Cutters News at 30-Mar-2019
There are other great features, such as detailed custom weather alerts and interactive news stories. Yet the biggest selling point for cord cutters is the fact that ATSC 3.0 does a far better job covering a larger area compared to the curren...

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Sinclair OTT Ads Connected Advertising
By Video 3.0 / Cord Cutters News at 28-Mar-2019
Today YouTube TV started to add more Sinclair owned CW affiliates. In total Sinclair owns 25 CW affiliates but so far we have only confirmed the CW affiliates in Grand Rapids, MI, and Cincinnati, Ohio have been added....

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By Video 3.0 / The Wrap at 16-Jan-2019
The ad-supported service joins an increasingly crowded space with established contenders like Pluto TV and Xumo - both of which also offer both live TV and VOD content for free....

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By Video 3.0 / Cord Cutters News at 11-Dec-2018
The free STIRR network will be a mix of local news in markets from Sinclair's 190-plus local TV stations and national news programs....

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By Video 3.0 / TV Technology at 01-Nov-2018
ATSC 3.0 can be used 'as the baseline for terrestrial broadcasters to provide a new, combined broadcast and broadband, cloud-native network system architecture' to deliver TV and non-TV services to new devices, the filing said....

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By Video 3.0 / Multichannel News at 31-Oct-2018
The latest channel additions come after Vue signed local affiliate deals with Sinclair and Tribune stations, and expanded its playability to Apple and Amazon devices....

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By Video 3.0 / FierceVideo at 30-Oct-2018
According to an FCC filing, Mark Aitken, president of ONE Media, recently met with Commissioner Michael O'Rielly and other FCC officials to discuss ATSC 3.0's ability to deliver data services outside of television....

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By Video 3.0 / TVEV at 29-Oct-2018
Driving that change will be the arrival in the next couple of years of ATSC 3.0, a suite of technologies that brings interactivity, addressable ads and much else to broadcast stations....

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By Video 3.0 / Rapid TV News at 21-Oct-2018
The research showed that the next-gen television concept is most appealing with younger consumers and those who are defined as 'early adopters' because of their positive attitude toward technology....

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