OTT and Connected TV advertising
By Video 3.0 / Ad Age at 30-Oct-2019
From experience, I can tell you that the concept of addressable TV is pretty easy to understand: Identify the right households, send messages only to those high-value audiences and have the ability to measure each campaign's impact against a brand's KP...

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 OTT and Connected TV advertising
By Video 3.0 / Zyp Media at 18-Apr-2019
It's widely known that OTT and addressable TV are systems that deliver ads to consumers with the ability to show different ads to different households while they are watching the same program. So what exactly is the difference between the two? Dig i...

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Programmatic Advertising OTT ads advertising Connected TV
By Video 3.0 / RBR-TVBR at 26-Mar-2019
VAB's key finding: addressable TV ad spending is projected to grow by 343% from 2016 through 2020....

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