By Video 3.0 / RBR-TVBR at 06-Mar-2019
For what seems like a long, five-to-10 year or so eternity, the media world has been described as being disrupted, or on the verge of disruption....

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By Video 3.0 / How-To Geek at 05-Mar-2019
But once ATSC 3.0 is fully adopted, broadcasters will know a lot more about their viewers. Without any help from companies like Nielsen, broadcasters will know your age, your location, when you're watching TV, and what you're watching on TV....

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03.06.19 11:40 AM - Comment(s)
By Video 3.0 / RBR-TVBR at 18-Feb-2019
In lab testing, viewers said that the ATSC 3.0 capabilities could make them start watching broadcast programming (even if they don't currently do so). Some broadcast viewers also said an ATSC 3.0-enabled device could make them want to watch broadcast...

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02.19.19 11:45 AM - Comment(s)
By Video 3.0 / Streaming Media at 29-Jan-2019
In fact, there's probably more work to be done in the streaming industry to bring our delivery systems in line with what we expect to be a significant advance in live-linear delivery to television tuners as well as mobile smartphones and table...

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By Video 3.0 / TV Technology at 17-Jan-2019
If anything, there was less ATSC 3.0 presence this time, as one TV manufacturer did put up a sign in its 2018 CES display space that touted the benefits of the new DTV transmission standard. Not even the sign was there this time....

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01.18.19 11:45 AM - Comment(s)
By Video 3.0 / L.A. Business Journal at 14-Dec-2018
The shift among broadcasters to the new, ATSC 3.0 next-generation TV broadcast standard is another factor....

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12.17.18 11:45 AM - Comment(s)
By Video 3.0 / Digiday at 10-Dec-2018
Streaming TV services often don't carry local TV stations like NBC and Fox local affiliates, which aren't available in every marketing for services like Sling TV....

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12.10.18 11:10 AM - Comment(s)
By Video 3.0 / TV Technology at 05-Nov-2018
'One big challenge was whether the big owners of valuable spectrum could work together, commit resources, and stick to the game plan. Done, done and done,' said Jack Abernethy, CEO at Fox Television Stations....

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11.06.18 11:15 AM - Comment(s)
By Video 3.0 / TV Technology at 01-Nov-2018
ATSC 3.0 can be used 'as the baseline for terrestrial broadcasters to provide a new, combined broadcast and broadband, cloud-native network system architecture' to deliver TV and non-TV services to new devices, the filing said....

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11.05.18 11:45 AM - Comment(s)
By Video 3.0 / TVEV at 29-Oct-2018
Driving that change will be the arrival in the next couple of years of ATSC 3.0, a suite of technologies that brings interactivity, addressable ads and much else to broadcast stations....

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10.30.18 11:45 AM - Comment(s)