According to OpenX Consumer OTT Report 2019 about 40 percent of OTT and Connected TV users have paused their TV content to purchase or learn more online. In comparison, about 50 percent of US consumers that watch live television, on cable or broadcast, are skipping the ads. The targeting capabilit...

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Targeted Car Dealer Campaign: A car dealer can upload its address le of past service customers and car buyers to buyOTTads, and then we’ll lter that le through the market data (including zip codes and demographics ) to create two powerful OTT and Connected TV campaigns.
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buyOTTads launched Video 3.0 -- a weekday newsletter focused on advertising and distribution for the OTT and Connected TV industries -- during October 2018. Since launch the newsletter has published stories on 242 subjects and companies from 205 publications.
03.16.19 09:10 AM - Comment(s) Launches Video 3.0 Newsletter Today, a Boston-based media buying company for the OTT industry, launched the Video 3.0 newsletter.
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